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Corporate professionalism with the flexibility of SMBs

During our nearly ten years of operation as a software developer we have learnt how to handle large projects and we have faced challenges successfully that seemed impossible at the time. The reason our customers like working with us is that we do not solve tasks but we deliver solutions.

We believe that the high level of expertise does not need to be combined with rigid corporate form: we provide flexible service to our partners on the broadest technical spectrum.

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High Quality Smart Systems

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UniAlarm Dispatcher

Smart security system

We have been working on the development of our UniAlarm Dispatcher system for more than 5 years now and it has been applied by civil security services as well as professional fire departments in several countries in the world.

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UniAlarm Fire IP

The world's first LoraWAN signal transmitter

Our product, the UniAlarm Fire IP is one of a kind data collection and data transfer device in the world which we developed primarily for emergency data transmission and fire signal transmission based on professional needs.

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Universal Device Management System

SCADA benefits with old devices

Despite the constant change of technology, in many places old types of HMI and PLC models can still be found with which communication is nearly impossible nowadays. Our solution makes this possible in a modern interface.

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AMiT Programmable Controllers

Industrial-quality control

The AMiT controlling devices have already justified their reputation in the Czech public transport and now the control of smart buildings is also available in industrial quality.

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UniTrack Intelligent Monitoring

Everything about manufactoring process

Our custom-developed industrial solution rivals the largest manufacturers’ solution: it offers bar code identification per process station via wireless scanner units.

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ENIKA wireless sensors and switches

Wireless advantages

The wireless switches and sensors which fit into the product range of ABB Electro Praga are beautiful and they do not require conventional electrical constraints. Furthermore, they are also programmable.

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Industrial automation, robotization

Based on our more than 10-year hardware and software development competence, we provide automation solutions mainly for manufacturing companies. Although our company's own solutions focus on control engineering tasks primarily, we are also able to design and manufacture complete machines/machinery with the our partners’ assistance.

We have particularly large experience in the migration of unsupported old systems, of which perhaps the most important and in many ways unique is the transparent upgrading of Siemens S5 PLCs and OS/2 based HMIs.

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24-hour online support

Either with engineering supervision and remote intervention, we provide 24/7 support for our industrial automation projects

Customised HW / SW development

In addition to our ready-made solutions, we also solve our clients’ unique development needs from designing the hardware to handing over the software

Professional quality assurance

We perform our activities in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, while our secure information management meets ISO/IEC 27001

Expertise and experience

In our company the engineers have 10-15 years of experience, while our young trainees work tirelessly for success

International project experience

With remote access and modern communication tools we can even manage a project where more international parties are involved


2019-05-10 12:45:07

Our central address has changed!

We inform our kind partners that our central address has changed. Our new address is President Center, 1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre u. 1. We kindly ask you to send all your mails to the address above.

It is important that the address of our Development Centre is unchanged, so there has been no change in the management of the packages sent to us and in the site of our trainings.

2018-05-23 11:22:00

The complete range of products is online

The latest version of our website has been completed on which the online introduction of all our products is accessible in Hungarian. Images, datasheets, manuals and CAD symbols are also available on the products, which can be downloaded directly from our website free of charge of course.

2017-12-13 11:22:00

PLC training at our strategic partner

This year our strategic partner, AMiT s.r.o has organized its PLC workshop again in Brno for its European partners. In the two-day lecture series, we had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and to try out special programming operations in practice. Among the innovations there were plenty of devices for both industrial automation and intelligent buildings: this was also the occasion for the introduction of their new 10 and 15-inch touch screen controllers for the first time.

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