We are constantly seeking new colleagues, primarily for technical and sales positions. We believe that in today's world it is not primarily the degree or qualification that counts, but the actual knowledge and experience as well as the fact that, when filling in a job, our future colleague should not look at solving everyday tasks as if it was work but a hobby.

In filling all vacancies, besides professional activity and knowledge we expect the participation of people who are like-minded. Career and progress are also important for us and we are trying to find a solution to these within our group.

What are the basic expectations for our prospective employees?

  • Professional excellence: above all, outstanding performance in the professional field, experience and ability for further development, reformation
  • Interest in technology: Whether it is bookkeeping or transport of materials, technical interest and understanding of the products / services are a must
  • Reliability: In order to keep our faith in people, we want to obtain evidence about the reliability of our staff continuously and in several stages
  • Commitment: the implementation of our vision of the future can only be accomplished with joint and continuous work, so we expect full commitment and devotion from our colleagues
  • Flexibility: We look for those to be part of our team who understand what "hard work" means in a position and do not give an excuse for everything

Our working method

We, United Technology Alliance, have worked out such unique working methods and processes by which we are able to serve the needs of our customers in corporate quality, but with the dynamics of small businesses. The basis of this is just one factor: all of our employees know well and are experts of the company's products, applied procedures and methods to the extent that is necessary to carry out their duties to a high standard.

Based on this, we support and expect the continuous training of employees, constant participation in the company's entire internal knowledge-based communication, and the close cooperation of the technical department with the project leaders, at the same time we also require the technical competence of the management.

We believe that because of the complexity of the industry, IT developments will only be successful in the future if - independent of the size of the project - they are adequately designed, based on the work of developers with appropriate professional knowledge and experience, and the overall project has a professional quality assurance.